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RiverBells Spring Concert

RiverBells Sacramento

RiverBells Sacramento RiverBells Spring Concert

RiverBells SACRAMENTO will perform a concert of handbell music. This is a free, public concert and a donation will be requested. Highlights at this concert include “Blaze” by California ringer, composer, and director William Kyle, big-band era piece “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” and a new arrangement of “Friskin' the Whiskers,” arranged specifically for RiverBells SACRAMENTO in honor of our 20th anniversary in 2018. The concert also includes some examples of more traditional handbell music as part of its repertoire.

Founded in 1998 by their current director Paul W. Allen, RiverBells SACRAMENTO is a professional-quality, community English handbell ensemble that focuses on focuses on swing music from the big band era of the 1930's and 1940's. The group also also performs other jazz works more recently written or adapted for handbells. RiverBells SACRAMENTO consists of fifteen ringers, several of whom are directors of other handbell ensembles. The group performs with six octaves of Schulmerich handbells and six octaves of Malmark choir chimes. The concert season typically runs from September through June.

RiverBells SACRAMENTO gathers an exceptional group of advanced musicians to perform a widely varied selection of difficult music. Many of the ringers are experienced in small ensemble work, and there are also several accomplished solo ringers. In addition, many RiverBells SACRAMENTO members are proficient on other musical instruments and are often called upon in selections requiring accompaniment.

RiverBells SACRAMENTO was incorporated as a nonprofit California corporation in 2003 and is recognized as a charitable, educational 501(c)(3) organization.


William Kyle


Larry Sue (arranger)

Friskin' the Whiskers

Jerry Gray and Carl Sigman

Pennsylvania 6-5000


Works for English handbells


Paul W Allen

Conductor / Director